Why Membership?

It is true that the word “membership” is not in the New Testament (but then again, neither is “trinity” or “rapture”). But, the concept of participation is! The Greek word is koinonia which means fellowship or perhaps togetherness (Acts 2:42; 1 Corinthians 1:9), participation (Philippians 1:5), contribution (Romans 15:26; 2 Corinthians 9:13) and sharing (Heb. 13:16). The idea in the New Testament is to belong to one another and the commitment of membership is exactly that - belonging to one another like a family.

So why a formal procedure for membership? It is vital to make sure that all members are, in fact, embracing the unified direction and beliefs of the church family. For the first three centuries, the early church was so careful that they spent a year examining the prospective member for beliefs and conduct to make sure there was true unity. The membership process is intended to help both the church and the person considering membership. We feel it is important for anyone seeking to join Harvester to know what we believe and who we are so that all decisions are well-informed ones.

Becoming a Member

There are three ways to join our church.

  1. The first is through baptism.
  2. The second is by letter, which is a transfer of membership from another church.
  3. The third is by making a statement of faith that you are a Christian and that you have been baptized through immersion.

No matter which of these ways works for you, we ask that you join us for our Discover Harvester Membership Class. In this class you'll learn about who Harvester is and how you could fit into our body. At the end of the class, you'll be asked to sign a membership covenant to express your desire to serve as a part of our body in a unified way.

After you've attended for a while and you feel that it's time to join, come forward during one of our worship services and we'll get you started! If you'd like to speak with somebody about membership, please send us an email.