Where We Go

Local Missions

One way we ‘Go’ to our community with the love of Christ is in-hand with local mission partners. We connect to our local mission partners, and live out this vision for reaching our community via our Harvester small groups (Life Groups and Bible Studies). For more information, please contact George Pordea or your small group Mission Liaison.

Christian Activity Center

The CAC is an after-school center in the Samuel Gompers Housing Projects, which provides a safe, Christ-centered environment for kids.

Powell Terrace

Powell Terrace is a food pantry near downtown St. Charles that collects food and helps to distribute it weekly to those in need. This pantry serves over 3000 people monthly and is even a source of goods for other pantries and churches in the area.

The Sparrow's Nest Maternity Home

Opening in Fall of 2013, The Sparrow's Nest Maternity Home will be a Christ-centered shelter providing care, nurture, & education to homeless, pregnant, & parenting teens 14-18.

Carpenters For Christ

Our C4C ministry undertakes construction projects throughout the year in order to help individuals, churches, and communities in need.

Global Missions

We partner with missionaries who are taking the gospel to Unreached People Groups (UPGs) at the Ends of the Earth. Our ongoing activities include prayer, encouraging our missionary partners, sending short-term teams, and sending long-term missionaries from our church body. For more information, please contact Kathy Endsley or your small group Mission Liaison.

East Asia

China is largely unreached with the gospel and the government persecution of the church makes it hard for church planting movements to grow. We partner with missionaries in the city of Chengdu to spread the gospel through relational evangelism amongst university students. The end-vision of this work is to see healthy churches grow enough to evangelize native unbelievers.

Madhya Pradesh, India

With a population of 70 million people, MP is a state that is less than 1% Christian (2001 census) and has about 20 unengaged, unreached people groups. As a church, we partner with missionaries to develop Church Planting Movements to the end of seeing healthy churches that can spread the gospel to the entire state through native believers.

South Sumatra, Indonesia

There are unique challenges in spreading the gospel in the most Muslim nation (by population) in the world. FBCH partners with missionaries who are working towards the end-vision of seeing 3rd generation churches in every unreached people group on the island of Sumatra.

Church Planting

We extend our gospel influence to the greater St. Louis area through partnership with like-minded Church Plants. These newly planted churches carry the gospel and develop Christ-centered community in places, and with people, we are unable to effectively reach.

Red Tree Churches - St. Louis Area

August Gate – South City and Metro East, St. Louis

Matthias Lot – Old St. Charles

Peine Ridge – Wentzville

The Gate – University City, St. Louis